Often times introducing a new product puts a large demand on the entrepreneur to not only successfully produce a winning product but also market the product successfully. When private labeling with DNA, we minimize your risk by allowing you to choose from over 200 proven stock formulations. DNA also helps you establish your brand. Our dedicated art department will work with you directly to create an eye-catching label for each product you choose to market.



Instead of selling another company’s brand helping to make them more successful – sell yours instead! With DNA’s private labeling you can instantly create and distribute your branded products while having a litany of beautiful marketing collateral to provide your customers. Your customers also benefit because they typically purchase your controlled product line for less than your retail competition!


Selling proven products that you do not have to manufacture yourself allows you to start selling nutritional products with very little overhead. Combine the cost savings with the cost benefit with low-risk initial overhead investment and you have a winning combination to be successful!


When you eliminate the possibility for backorders, you eliminate losing money and control of your market. Time and time again this was our new partners’ biggest complaint, so we took it upon ourselves to eliminate it from ever happening again. Pick out your products, we’ll track your turn-rates (how fast you sell and re-order), and we will always have stock available to ship THE SAME DAY you order.

If you would like to crunch the numbers with a friendly DNA account representative, give us a call!